—> Version 1.06 UPDATE LIST <—


Version 2.0 is in preparation, including new game modes and a whole new chapter of the story. Stay tuned!

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On your hands you have more than three years of four people work. Without any experience, we learned to program, to draw characters and do everything related with game development. That’s why you probably will find bugs, mistakes and other problems. If that’s the case, please send us your feedback through the section “Send Feedback” inside options (+ button). You will realize we are not English native speakers, and we want to sorry in advance for that. We have no way to get a professional proofreader right now, but we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Also, there is something we would like to ask you. Because we are independent, we don’t have the possibility of doing any paid promotion. So the success of Phobos Children depends principally of you and the word of mouth. If you like the game, please show it to your friends, or share it through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social network (using the hashtag #PhobosChildren). Each time you share, you are helping us to grow and make Phobos Children better and better, and a project to last.

Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy Phobos Children as much we enjoyed developing it.

Daniel (@danialias)

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