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2017.2.13 Beta: Fourth Update

Huge update! Now you can get prizes for getting perfects on all the missions on one chapter, and also… events!

From February 17 to March 5, the event “Tokyo Assassins” will take place. Please read the Event Info page for more information!

So, main features:

  • Perfect Prize Chart now give prizes
  • Event section

Some of the corrected bugs are:

  • Daily Bonus reward now comes on time (we hope!)
  • “Attack One” skill makes the enemy unbeatable: solved (together with other related problems)
  • Sorting characters crash the game in certain conditions: solved

Some extras:

  • Now you can slide right or left inside your character deck and on the missions map to change page.
  • Now there is a small light showing where you touched on the menu
  • Some small visual improvements and corrections

We hope you like this new event! Please let us know what you think. Thank you very much!

2017.1.16 Beta: Third Update

Update after migrating servers. Sorry for the long wait!

  • Extra explanation slide on the tutorial stage (perfect rewards).
  • Score Attack 3 is now finished.
  • Solving some bugs.

Thanks to all the betatesters who are giving the clues to keep improving.

And thank you for playing Phobos Children!

2016.12.9 Beta: Second Update

This is a highly recommended update. We solved several game-breaking bugs and added quite a lot of small features and additions.

2016.11.27 Beta: First Update

Thank you very much for playing! This update will help you to go smoother through the game. Now we explain better the basics of the game, and we show you what you can get if you get perfects through the chapters.

Follow us on @MiraiLabo and @PhobosChildren, and if you like the game, please show it to your friends!

Update list:

  • Added missions for V-City: Journey, Bounty Star, Underground.
  • Added tutorials for upgrading characters, gacha and V-City. Extra pages for other tutorials.
  • Now V-City (Score Attack) is unlocked on the third mission.
  • Added a list of perfect prizes on the chapter list (Story mode).
  • Now giving +2 of cost max after each player Rank Up.
  • Announcements now loads faster.
  • Buying deck slots now effectively cost 1 mineral 🙂
  • General translations and corrections.

Looking forward to receiving your feedback! Remember, you can answer the TestFlight email or contact us through Twitter (@MiraiLabo). Thanks!

2016.11.23: Beta Launching

Thank you for playing the beta version of Phobos Children!
As this is a beta version, the game is not completely finished. We hope to learn from you to improve the experience and make the best game possible!

The game is still not balanced. If you found a situation you think is unfair for the player, way too hard, or anything similar, please tell us answering the TestFlight e-mail.


  • Score Attack: pending to save and show high scores. Add more stages.
  • Journey, Upgrade on V-City: add missions.
  • Add character substories.
  • Character info: redesign, add a “Locked” button.
  • Upgrade: show the results of the upgrade before pushing the Upgrade button.
  • Parts Shop: in order to buy evolution cards (now they appear randomly on the gacha).
  • Database: in order to check the characters historic (the characters you had at least once).
  • Add more assets (backgrounds, characters, music, etc).


  • After selling or upgrading characters, certain configurations of the character list makes the game break. After restarting it will work, but it can happen again 🙁


  • At this stage, we are not controlling when the same account is opened on two devices at the same time. If you want to play in other device, please erase first the app in the original device and then login on the new one. Be sure to have connection on the original device before erasing, so the data is properly saved on the cloud.
  • Our English is not native, sorry!


On your hands you have more than three years of four people work. Without any experience, we learned to program, to draw characters and do everything related with game development. That’s why you probably will find bugs, mistakes and other problems. If that’s the case, please send us your feedback through the section “Send Feedback” inside options (+ button). You will realize we are not English native speakers, and we want to sorry in advance for that. We have no way to get a professional proofreader right now, but we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Also, there is something we would like to ask you. Because we are independent, we don’t have the possibility of doing any paid promotion. So the success of Phobos Children depends principally of you and the word of mouth. If you like the game, please show it to your friends, or share it through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your favorite social network (using the hashtag #PhobosChildren). Each time you share, you are helping us to grow and make Phobos Children better and better, and a project to last.

Thanks for playing! We hope you enjoy Phobos Children as much we enjoyed developing it.

Daniel (@danialias)

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